Highly professional, but still affordable expo booths at leading events such as the CeBit and Industry in Hanover, CAT in Stuttgart or the Systems in Munich?

Many small and medium size enterprises are facing the same dilemma: Cutting costs and extending the market share at the same time. Ironically, the usual approach is to reduce the marketing budget first. This means a sharply reduced or completely abandoned presence at the leading expos and trade shows.

The booth builder stand-design.de GmbH, located in Munich, tries to offer a cost effective solution to the problem with a combination of a modular material concept and creative innovations. Exhibitors at the CeBit and Industry in Hanover, the CAT in Stuttgart or the Systems in Munich are offered a chance for a high-end presentation that does not exceed their budgets.

The modular material concept is very popular among technology oriented companies, but also in other business sectors such as the construction industry. This concept can easily be adapted to events such as the BAU, the BAUMA or the Materialica.

Events in the area of Munich offer the chance for additional cost savings. Freight and labor costs are significantly lowered because of the proximity of stand-design.de GmbH to the Expo Center in Munich. On top of that it also allows for special services to be offered that won’t be available by most competitors. For example, repairs or amendments to a booth can be done during a show on very short notice.

The booth builder stand-design.de GmbH, located in Munich, is specializing in the architecture, design and decoration of exhibit booths as well as overall exhibit design and construction. Further information is available at www.stand-design.com or info@stand-design.de.

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